Hi, my name is Rahul
I'm a Full Stack Web Developer .

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I am a Full-stack Web developer whose programming skills are all self-learned. Passionate about the new technologies in the field of development.I like to solve problems. With my refined skill set,I bring customer-centric mindfulness that enables firms to innovate and thrive. My intellectual curiosity also drives me to be a lifelong learner. I guarantee my full devotion to my work.

I am currently pursuing B-Tech degree from National Institute of Technology Durgapur in Electrical Engineering. As of now I don't have a bit experience to show but again I hope to change it as soon as possible .

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Vegan Foodstore

Health is wealth. Now a days we all know how difficult it is to get pure and fresh food materials. Unhealthy chinese fast food are now dominating the market. I want to bring back the legacy of Indian food. This foodstore is entirely created by me to allow everyone and especially kids of new generation to know the unforgatable taste of our food.Free delivery for early ones.Please take out some precious time from your busy spell to encourage me by visiting my website.

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Want to make a wonderful website ? You will definitely need an adorn background . It's the background which leaves the undying effect in the heart of your client. I have created a gradient generator which can be used to create a two-color as well as a three-color gradient. You can copy the code by just one click and apply to your CSS. Do make a visit to my gradient generator and leave a review or any suggestion you want.

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To make your life happy and healthy,it is necessary to show maximum respect to your time and follow your schedule strictly. But how can you manage it? Wohoooo, we phoenix watches , have brought best quality digital watches which will make your life a bit easier. Best products under best prices. Availbale at amazon store. Do make a visit to our website and give a chance to us and our product to help you manage your time.Hurry up!! there are some special offers waiting for early customers. You will never regret :)

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It's a application which uses a face detector API to identify the number of faces in the image that you will provide.It is made with the help of React framework and several other npm modules. I have made both the front-end as well as the back-end of this application. It's back-end is made with Node.js and it uses PostgreSql as its database. With lot of effort on it,it's my first Full-stack application. I have used heroku to deploy it online. You can see the code of entire project in my git repository.

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Wo hoo, with the help of React ,Node,Express and MongoDb ,I bring you my first MERN stack application which is nothing less than a royal classic restaurant,but its online :((. Its a fully responsive website alongwith almost all the features a website needs. I have deployed this using heroku cloud services. Please give your kind visit on my online restaurant and submit the feedback form present there for me. I can assure you will have a nice experience. You can see the code of entire project in my git repository.

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